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Welcome to the Camp Zagime

Camp Zagime is an annual All-Sections, theme-based weekend camp open to all Groups. Friday groups arrive, are assigned to their camping space, and have a chance to set up. Saturday is fun-filled , with each Section travelling around to different age-appropriate activities. Saturday night we hold a campfire celebration. Sunday has some activities for the entire camp before we pack up and head home. Throughout the weekend, there are on-going activities that the youth and adults can take part in.

"What's in a name?"

Our camp name "zagime" comes from the Ojibwe word for "mosquito", a creature you will likely meet during a Manitoba summer.

Camp Theme

The theme for the 2020 camp is Superheroes.




Still going forward...

While Camp Zagime will follow all Scouts Canada protocols for dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, our planning policy is "Full Steam Ahead".

We will continue with all plans for camp on June 12-14 until explicitly directed otherwise.


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