Camp Zagime

Welcome to the Camp Zagime

Camp Zagime is an annual All-Sections, theme-based weekend camp open to all Groups. Friday groups arrive, are assigned to their camping space, and have a chance to set up. Saturday is fun-filled , with each Section travelling around to different age-appropriate activities. Saturday night we hold a campfire celebration. Sunday has some activities for the entire camp before we pack up and head home. Throughout the weekend, there are on-going activities that the youth and adults can take part in.

"What's in a name?"

Our camp name "zagime" comes from the Ojibwe word for "mosquito", a creature you will likely meet during a Manitoba summer.

Camp Theme

The theme for the 2023 camp will be "Renaissance".


Is it too late to register?

We have all had those times when things get away from us.  We plan to do things and then run out of time.

But in answer to your question, "Yes, you can still register for this year."

We have already submitted our order for crests and T-shirts, so we cannot make guarantees on those.  But we would be happy to have you come out!

If you have already registered your Group or Section and you need to add more members, please create a new registration for the new members only.  Leave your existing registration as is.

Thanks for your interest!


Finally!! Offer of Service Registration OPEN!

Offer of Service registration for Camp Zagime 2023 is OPEN!

Click the link in the margin or go to the "Registration" page to start your registration.


Participant Registration OPEN!

Participant registration for Camp Zagime 2023 is OPEN!

Click the link in the margin or go to the "Registration" page to start your registration.


Crest Design Submissions

Crest submissions


Below are the crest submissions from our various youth.  Caps off to all for their enthusiastic and imaginative ideas!

Be sure to click on the submission links as well to view more entries submitted in PDF format.


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Submissions 3

Submissions 4

Camp Zagime Renaissance Design






Chris 1


Zagime Crest Submission Robern





Camp Zagime 2023: Planning Underway!

We have begun planning for Camp Zagime 2023.

Our next planning meeting will be held February 2, 2023.

For all general inquires, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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