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Welcome to the Camp Zagime

Camp Zagime is an annual All-Sections, theme-based weekend camp open to all Groups. Friday groups arrive, are assigned to their camping space, and have a chance to set up. Saturday is fun-filled , with each Section travelling around to different age-appropriate activities. Saturday night we hold a campfire celebration. Sunday has some activities for the entire camp before we pack up and head home. Throughout the weekend, there are on-going activities that the youth and adults can take part in.

"What's in a name?"

Our camp name "zagime" comes from the Ojibwe word for "mosquito", a creature you will likely meet during a Manitoba summer.

Camp Theme

The theme for the 2020 camp was to be "Superheroes".



COVID-19 UPDATE March 30

** COVID-19 UPDATE (March 30)**

Camp Zagime 2020 CANCELLED

With much regret, Camp Zagime 2020 will be cancelled.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Scouting events have been cancelled at least until the start of May.  We cannot be certain that events will be allowed for June 12.  However, even if allowed, we cannot expect to have sufficient registrations to hold the camp at that date.

Additionally, postponing the camp into summer will conflict with other plans that families have made or will want to make.  It will also conflict with other Scouting events already on the calendar.  Similarly, postponing to autumn would conflict with Wilderness Challenge and other traditional unit camps.

Therefore, we have decided to cancel until next year.

Stay safe, everyone!  See you next year.