Scout Activity Info (Scouts/Pathfinders)

Wilderness Challenge Program Activity Info for Scouts/Pathfinders

We're welcoming everyone out for a big return to outdoor Scouting!  With that being said, we will not be scoring this year.

Activities will be based around learning/teaching Scouting skills as well as other fun activities.

Teams will not need go in any order and should move on to the next town/activity if it is full.

Covid-19 Protocals:  All activities will follow guidelines set out by the province and Scouts Canada.  Participants should be aware this may create added wait queues for activities as the activity is reset and equipment is sanatized if required.  Teams waiting in line will be asked to wait in designated areas for social distancing.  Although mask usage is not mandated when outdoors, we strongly suggest that masks be worn where social distancing is not available.  For further info, see the Covid-19 Guidelines for Camp page.

Team Size: Team size is limited to 8 per patrol team as per Scouts Canada Stage 4 guidelines and must be observed.  If there are smaller groups, they may be combined to make a group of 8.

Scout/Pathfinder leaders: at this level we expect leaders will minimal support to their youth when completing an activity.  We do ask leaders and Scouters to help manage social distancing youth and other Covid safety protocals as needed.

Required Activity Supplies for Patrol Teams

This is a list of mandatory equipment that each team must carry, youth should carry these items in their backpacks.  With current Scout Canada restrictions, equipment should not be shared between teams.

2021 Equipement List Per Patrol Team - Subject to changes
  • Each youth to wear group Neckare
  • Each youth to bring a bag lunch to eat on the trail
  • Bow Saw
  • 1-2 Compass
  • Fire Pan
  • Small Pot to boil water or popcorn
  • 6 Staves, about 6-7' long
  • Tarp - 4' x 6'
  • 2 short ropes, 3-5 foot long
  • Pocket knife
  • Small First Aid kit
  • Team Flag
  • Large Ziplock bag and pencil/pen for map, etc
  • Face Masks for each member and personal sanitizers as needed

Planned Activities

6-8 Activities (activities numbers may reduced if there are not enough volunteer/OOS), some skills including:

  • Compassing
  • Firelighting
  • First Aid
  • Knots and Lashing
  • Using a saw/knife