Program and Activities

Program and Activities

Friday Night Camp Opening

  • 3rd Winnipeg - Flag break

Saturday Group Activity Equipment List: 

  • T-Shirt Printing (main hall) - Light colored shirt required.
  • Fire Lighting (outside)
  • Survial Bracelets (main hall)
  • Broomball (outside)
  • Game Station (main hall)
  • Snowshoe Orientation (outside)

 Saturday Night:

  • Cabin Skits (main hall) - Skits with a twist and a bit of compitition.

    • Skits will be done by cabin, not group
    • Skits should be 5-10 min
    • Each cabin will receive 10 items to incorporate into the skit
    • Skit theme to drawn on Friday night. Past theme examples - StarWars, Olympics, Super Heros
    • Use free time to create skit
    • Prizes to be awarded to winning cabin individuals

Sunday Morning:

  • Scout's own
  • Group vs group challenge game (main hall)

Sunday Closing

  •  1st Crestview - Take down the flag