Offer of Service


Attention Ventures, Rovers, Rangers and Service Adults
We are seeking OOS (Offer of Service) members for the best fall camp in Manitoba called Wilderness Challenge! Be a part of great experience with a chance to meet lots of new people.  

Your role at Wilderness Challenge
As OOS at Wilderness Challenge you may be assigned to many different parts of the camp. The area where help is most needed and where OOS are most commonly placed is program. Jobs in program require you to be at activities and assisting the “town mayor” with running the activity throughout the day. This can include such things as supervision, set up and maintenance of the town. Please see below lists of tasks, needed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Friday starting about 530pm: Gate, Scout Sub-Camp, Cub Sub-Camp, Kitchen

  • Saturday: 8 Activities (Ideally min 3 per activity, 8-5pm), Gate (8-6pm), Kitchen (min 3), Cuboree Activity

  • Sunday: 6 Activities (Ideally min 3 per activity, 8-3pm), Gate (9-3pm), Kitchen (Breakfast + Lunch, min 3), Cleanup Camp

**Please note, if there are a shortage of OOS, some activities may be reduced or eliminated

There will be an assigned area for OOS parking when you arrive. You are required to park in this area. Your vehicle will not be allowed to leave this designated parking area until Sunday departure unless arrangements have been made to leave earlier.

OOS Meal Plans
We will be offering 2 Meal Plan options for OOS for this camp. The full weekend food plan, will include Friday mug-up, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, mug-up and Sunday breakfast and lunch for $18 per person.  The second meal plan is Saturday lunch and supper only for $8 per person.  Coffee, tea and juice is will be provided.  If you would like to participate in either plan, please indicate “yes” on the OOS Registration Form (online). Please note that all dietary and allergy information must be indicated on the designated section on the online registration page. 

Planned 2019 Menu, subject to change:

  • Friday Mug Up: Hot dogs, hot choc, cookies
  • Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, sausages, hashbrown patties, fruit
  • Sat Lunch: Seasoned ground beef, lil potatoes, mixed veg in take out containers. (similar to a tinfoil dinner idea, hoping to get foil containers and lids from Superstore Wholesale) 
  • Sat Supper: Rotini pasta, alfredo sauce, diced chicken breast, peas (All mixed together in one pot)
  • Sat Mug Up: Muffins, hot choc 
  • Sunday Breakfast: Pancakes, left over hashbrowns, sausages
  • Sun Lunch: Wraps, lunch meat, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, cut veggies in a bag 

Crests will be available for $2 each for those not participating in the meal plan.

Prerequisites for OOS
Must be an active, registered member of Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada with all adults current and active as per Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada.

Items Needed to Attend Camp
1. Current registration form with medical info to be held at headquarters until the conclusion of camp, where they will be returned.
2. Tents, sleeping gear, weather appropriate clothing, water bottle, etc. for weekend camping
3. Mess kit/dishes for those participating in the meal plan

 **For any camp inquiries, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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