Camp Rules

This camp is a fun event for the whole family, children and adults alike. We will keep our rules and regulations to a minimum and ask that all adults are mindful in helping us to achieve a wonderful camp.


Please Note The Following Rules

  1. NO ALCOHOL or CANNABIS is allowed at camp, as this is a scouting event. Anyone found with either at camp will be asked to leave immediately with their child. This is in effect from Friday to Sunday.
  2. NO SMOKING or VAPING allowed at any times in front of youth - including the adult's own children. Smoking is only allowed in the parking area.
  3. Respect Other Group’s Camp Sites – walk around other groups' sites and ask your children to play within their own site areas. When entering another group’s site, please ask for permission loudly before entering their site.  If possible, enter via their camp gate.
  4. For safety, vehicles are restricted on the campsite.  Individual gear will be carried in from the parking lot.  Vehicles dropping off group gear must be registered with Traffic Control and parked offsite from Friday 9:00 PM until Sunday noon.
  5. In order to preserve the real camp experience for the children, we do not allow RV’s, camper trailers or tent trailers at the camp. If you require one of these for medical reasons you are welcome to book in the public campground and drive into camp for the day.
  6. NO PETS are allowed at camp. Please make arrangements for your family pet prior to coming to camp. Anyone who brings a pet will be asked to remove them from the site immediately. This is for the security, health, and safety of all participants.
  7. There are no electronic devices allowed at camp including video games, open speakers, and portable televisions in order to preserve the real camping spirit for the youth.  Smart phone use should be limited to necessary communications and photography.
  8. For safety reasons, headphones and earbuds should not be worn during activities or inside tents, as they could interfere with warnings or instructions.
  9. 10:00 PM is lights out within camp. All campers should be at their sites for the night and please keep campfire noise low.  In the morning, please keep noise low before 07:00 AM.


Official camp opening is on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. (uniform not required).  We will close on Sunday after lunch. Parents are responsible for getting their children to and from camp.