Camp Amisk Camp Site Info/Expectations

Camp Amisk Camp Site Info/Expectations

The Camp is located on Waverley Street, just across from Le Barriere Park.  


Important info about the campsite

Camp Amisk is a Wilderness Camp and as such does not have any water, electrical service or garbage pickup.

  • All groups must bring their own Water supply for the weekend, there is no water source on site (other than the river)
  • All groups must remove their garbage and take home their garbage at the end of camp
  • It is expected each group will handle their grey water in a responsible manner, and use environmentally friendly soap
  • Groups should bring their own tables and chairs as there are very few picnic tables on site
  • You may have a fire pit in your site, all fires must be in the fire pit, observing age appropriate fire safety with the youth **as there are a limited number of fire pits, it is suggested that if you have a portable one, you may want to bring it just in case there are not enough to go around**
  • All bathrooms on site are outhouses, please refrain from disposing feminine products, or any other items that are not environmentally friendly in the toilets, please use the garbage for those items
  • All sites should be left as they were when you arrived (no trace camping)
  • Vehicles will not be allowed on sites, parking will be in designated areas to prevent site damage
  • Speed limit is 30km in park, however drivers should observe a speed limit of 20km and lower when around youth
  • You may have to carry gear a short distance to your site
  • Communications will be done by via 2 way radio and/or cell phone through out the camp

Campsite Map